We had a wonderful experience with Sue. She made the whole birth process for us, as first time parents, enjoyable and low-stress. She is extremely responsive and very dedicated to her clients. She is very experienced and carries a long list of credentials and accreditations. When educating us and answering our questions, she draws on her training and over 20 years of experience to provide us with the perfect combination of fact-based and experience-based teachings and responses. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else expecting and looking for a doula. She was amazing and we are so happy we chose her.


Dan Nguyen


Our experience with Sue for our baby prenatal, delivery, and postpartum has been nothing short of utmost perfection. Sue is not only incredibly professional and organized, but more importantly in this field, she is a warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, strong, and has a likeable presence.


From sites like these, I found Sue and knew we needed an interview. We interviewed many doulas and some doula networks, but Sue stood out easily in our mind. Her presence alone at the interview shone through and it was exactly what we would need and want come delivery time. She's got the history and confidence of a guru doula. All of her services were laid out clear as day, and they have been honed down to what they are today to make them cover everything you can think of - which as a first time mom, was extremely relieving and stress-reducing. She also has her Mary Poppins bag full of magical powers to help a variety of different women succeed in the labor zone. I was a bit disappointed it worked so well for me, I wanted to try out more of the bag! This is a good thing though - Sue knew exactly what we should try from her bag based on how my labor was proceeding, and each item she pulled, she hit the target in the bullseye. I'm not sure how her strength never faded during my labor, she applied counterpressure it seemed during each contraction once I had back labor. It was a necessity for me, and she never gave up. She also challenged me to continue laboring and encouraged me at the same time. There was no doubt of safety or security - quite the opposite - Sue emphasized how safe and normal and fabulous my labor was going the entire time which also added priceless emotional value to our experience.


There is no question that we'd go with Sue for future labors. I will be recommending her to my network enthusiastically.


A.  Anderson


Sue was an absolute must-have in my labor and delivery. Neither my husband or I can imagine going through the process without her. We were extremely lucky that our hospital began allowing doulas into the delivery rooms the week before my son arrived. Up until that point, I had resigned myself to the idea that Sue would not be physically present. During this time we are all adapting as best as we can. But my labor took a lot longer than expected and her very calming presence and constant assurance that I was doing all I had to do was huge. I delivered with the U of M midwives and Sue worked alongside the entire staff beautifully. She helped us write our birthplan, she took incredibly detailed notes throughout the labor - which I really treasure now!, she reminded me to drink water, eat snacks and stay positive. She continues to check in on me now although we are two weeks from the birth. I find it so comforting to have someone knowledgable to fall back on.


Annie Goodman



I had a wonderful experience with Sue. Especially during this challenging time, Sue really came through for me and my family. She made sure to have multiple Zoom meetings with us, and always stressed her availability should I have any questions, which was very reassuring. For the actual labor, when my husband couldn't come due to hospital regulations, she brought her laptop to access a Zoom meeting so my husband could feel part of things, and she made sure to call him and keep him updated at every stage of the process - and even took pictures of the newborn for us! As a doula, Sue was both capable and comforting, using different positions and techniques to keep the labor moving forward. She was always there, endlessly supportive, and really kept me going. The labor was a positive, wonderful experience, thanks to Sue! This is not to mention the follow-up, making sure both mother and baby (and family!) were doing well. One wonderful touch was the birth timeline Sue kept during the labor, which kept track of what happened at exactly what time. It was a great way to look back and relive the day our baby was born! Thank you so much for everything!


Shoshana Gross