The single best decision we made in preparing for the birth of our first daughter, was to hire Sue.  After interviewing several doulas, it was clear that Sue was the doula for us.  Her years of experience (nearly 400 births!), focus on the entire family and confident demeanor were the perfect fit for our family.  We particularly loved that Sue prioritized my husband and made sure the labor and delivery were still very much about the two of us going through this experience together, with Sue there for additional support.


We loved that Sue met with us prior to the delivery as well!  She created our birth preferences, which was a huge stress reliever for us.  She even printed copies and brought them to the hospital for us to share with the staff.  She was also a phenomenal resource in talking through different aspects of labor, such as what atmosphere we would want in the delivery room (electric candles, low lighting, calm music), what support tools she could provide (wait until you see her Mary Poppins bag of tricks and treats!) and what to pack in our hospital bag.  My ultimate goal was to have an unmedicated delivery and Sue gave me the confidence and affirmations I needed to achieve that goal!  We now have a beautiful baby girl and my labor and delivery was ideal because of Sue!  She stayed with us after the birth to ensure I had a successful first breastfeeding session with my little one as well.


In the weeks following, she visited our family and continues to check in with us to provide support with any concerns we may have.  This has been tremendously helpful especially since my milk didn't come in initially, so Sue's lactation counselor background helped us get through our initial concerns.  If you are considering a doula, we cannot recommend Sue enough.  She truly feels like part of our family and we will be forever grateful that she was part of our daughter's birth!





Sue was a great addition to our birth team. She stuck with us through a long, eventful labor, and her energy and positivity never waned! She brought great ideas to the table for the birth itself, and kept me (the non-birthing partner) fed and cared for. Sue handled so many details that we wouldn't have thought of, or have been able to manage well during the process, allowing us to be focused and present and joyful during what might have otherwise been a stressful experience. She has continued to keep in touch and be a warm presence in our lives since the birth of our sweet baby boy!





Sue was our doula for the birth of our first baby earlier this year, and we have only great things to say about her! She met with us a couple of times before our baby arrived to discuss our birth preferences. We had to make some changes along the way, since our baby girl was breech right up to the end. Sue was so helpful in giving us advice on things we could do to try to coax her to flip. She also put us at ease once it became clear that we would be having a C-section. Although it was not our original birth plan, Sue made us feel comfortable and confident going into the birth. It was also very nice to have her in the OR to keep me updated on what was happening with the baby for the few minutes that the nurses and her dad took her for her initial measurements. Sue stayed with me afterwards when the baby had to be taken to the warmer for a half hour, and my husband felt like he could go with the baby without feeling like he was leaving me alone. Sue also helped us with the first feed, which was very helpful. She has followed up with us after the birth as well and has made sure we've felt supported all the way through. Sue is so knowledgeable and has a personality that really puts you at ease and makes you feel confident. We love Sue and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!






We are forever grateful to have had Sue as our doula during the pregnancy and birth of our second daughter. Throughout my pregnancy, she was eager to answer questions promptly, provide encouragement, and check in whenever we needed. Not only is Sue so experienced and knowledgeable about all things pregnancy/birth/babies, she brings such a peaceful, gentle, calming, and confident energy to each interaction. She is also an excellent listener and very detail-oriented. During my labor, Sue helped us achieve the calm, peaceful birth we were so hoping for. She came well-equipped with lots of comfort measures that helped ease my nausea and back pain and cope with contractions. Sue was very affirming and had such a strong, confident presence when we needed it most. She helped us process through our birth and ease into parenting two children while letting us know she is still available for anything we need. We highly recommend Sue as a doula!


Joe + Krista Drechsel