My husband and I knew we wanted a doula on our birth team. From our very first interaction with Sue, we knew she was the one! We met with Sue twice before our son was born, but Sue was always available to answer any questions we had outside of our meetings.

Sue is not only super knowledgeable but she is also friendly and encouraging. She listens to what you want for you birth plan and advocates for you during the labor and delivery process. Sue continues to make you feel important and follows up with an in home visit as well as follow up texts to see how things are going once you are home. We could not have asked for a more perfect Doula than Sue! I would recommend Sue over and over again!


Steph L


I worked with Sue throughout my first pregnancy. She was incredibly helpful and I can't recommend her services enough! I found her online after deciding that I wanted the support of a doula for my first experience with labor/delivery. She had a great rating, ample experience, and lived close by. Additionally, I liked that she had the added lactation knowledge. My husband and I had a great first Zoom with her and immediately liked her friendly, open demeanor as well as her clear expertise. We signed a contract with her and met an additional time virtually prior to having her come to our house in the weeks leading up to my due date. Sue was incredibly helpful in assisting us with our birth plan. She laid out all our options and only offered opinions if we asked. She made it clear that she was open to everything from a natural childbirth to a fully medicated one. I never once felt pressured to do anything that I didn't want to do-- if anything, she helped answer questions I might have on all the options and presented the information in an unbiased manner. She brought her "tool bag" to our house and walked us through what labor might look like for us. After meeting with her both my husband and I felt more mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for our upcoming day. When the real event happened, Sue was an incredible help at the hospital. She supported my husband through his nerves and gave him helpful tasks to accomplish. She was a major moral support to me and a cheerleader through the pushing process. I appreciated how she was able to take charge without ever stepping on any of the hospital staff (nurses and doctors) toes. She was very respectful of their time and space but clearly had my best interests at heart. After we got home from the hospital we had a great check in with her and I loved how she had documented our entire birth process and brought all the (now very foggy) details to us typed up. All in all, our experience was fantastic!




I was motivated to hire a doula for our second birth to not only be a support to me as the birthing person, but also to support my partner.

Sue was excellent at just that.  She was in constant communication with my partner which allowed me to relax a bit more. When she arrived for delivery, she immediately stepped in to support he and I which shifted the energy in the best way.  She noted the timeline of events and provided documentation afterwards, which was SO helpful to process. She has continued to be a wonderful resource weeks into postpartum.


If you are looking for a supportive resource, Sue is highly recommended.


Danika Nair


We are so thankful we had Sue as our doula for the birth of our first baby. Sue was not only extremely knowledgeable, but she was also accessible throughout the whole pregnancy and postpartum. It put my mind at ease knowing I had someone to reach out to if I had any questions or concerns at all. Sue was great during the birth, she was hands on but also knew when to let my husband take over. She had a wide variety of tools that she brought with to offer comfort and knew just when to use them. Her presence in the birth room made me feel at peace and confident. We will definitely have Sue with us for the birth of our next baby!


McKayla Borsheim