Sue was a tremendous support during labor, delivery, and recovery. She was able to answer our questions and provide insight on the many suggestions/recommendations made my the Dr during our very long induction. Due to the baby's position, we needed to have a c section. Sue came into the surgery along with my husband. After my baby was handed to my husband, Sue sat by me while they finished the surgery and gave me updates on my baby (told me his measurements, that he was skin to skin with my husband, etc.) and answered my questions as they finished the surgery. She also came to the recovery room after and helped with the initial breastfeeding. And during all of that she found time to take pictures and document the labor/delivery timeline!


We are so happy that we found Sue!


Elizabeth Ruddle


Posted 3/16/2018

I've been remiss in writing this review of Sue! Sue was there as we welcomed our daughter Eve into the world late last fall and I'm so grateful. Her calm presence helped me know that everything was moving along just as it should. Plus, between she and my husband (and her coaching of my husband!) I was completely supported physically and emotionally. The whole labor went relatively fast once things got going so my memory is fuzzy at best, but I distinctinly remember Sue's guidance during pushing, which was a struggle for me, as VITAL! I was so wiped out, but Sue reminded me as each contraction came how I should breath and when/how to push. She held her breath with me, held my hand and told me when to push, I honestly don't know how I would have done it without her. To cap it off she got the sweetest photos of Eve and I meeting for the first time, my husband cutting the cord and his reaction as she arrived. What a blessing Sue was on our birth experience, thank you so much! Lastly, and I hope this doesn't happen to you, but our daughter arrived promptly (ha), two weeks late and Sue's knowledge and presence through that waiting game was so wonderful as well.


Jackie Cartier


Posted 3/17/2018

I don’t think I can even put into words how helpful it was to have Sue as our doula! From the moment my husband and I met with her, we knew we were going to be in good hands. She was very sweet, professional, and knowledgeable - she was just the kind of person we wanted to support us through the birth of my first baby. All of our questions, fears, and silly concerns were put to rest and I was able to walk into the birthing experience excited, calm, and confident.


My goal was to have a natural, unmedicated birth with a midwife and the support of my husband and Sue. The day I went into labor was quite interesting - everything started off slowly, but escalated quickly in the evening once my water spontaneously broke! We ended up meeting Sue at our freestanding birth center, but when my midwife checked me, she noticed that when my water broke, there was meconium in the fluid, requiring a non-emergency transfer to the hospital. I was upset that I wasn’t able to birth in the beautiful tubs at the birth center, but Sue was wonderful emotional support as she reassured me that I could still have a great birth experience! I was so grateful to have her there in that moment because I really needed that reassurance.


Once we arrived at the hospital, labor progressed quickly. Sue helped me with different positions, pain management techniques, and even had some great things for me to try when intense nausea kicked in. While much of the night is a blur, I remember having her on my left side and my husband on my right side holding my hands, encouraging me, and just being present. I felt like I had the best support team in the world!


We were able to successfully have a natural, unmedicated birth at the hospital - I was actually able to labor in the tub for a while as well! I am certain that having Sue there was a huge part of why our birth was such a calm, exciting, and simply wonderful experience. I would hire her all over again!!


Rebecca Vavilov


Posted 2/11/2018

Sue Chargo was great, she exceeded my expectations for a doula. Sue was my first choice for my recent surrogacy pregnancy, labor and delivery. She was professional, friendly and accommodating from the initial phone call, meeting all the way through the end. She answered my questions, guided me as requested or needed and was always avaliable when needed. She has even checked in on me following the delivery which has been unexpected yet very welcomed. I wish I had been more informed about my labor and delivery options when I was pregnant with my bio-child. For this reason specifically is the reason I chose to hire a doula. Although this pregnancy was a surrogacy and had no biological connection to me, it was still my body and to have the support and guidance Sue offered, made the experience all that more rewarding. I was able to have an epidural free, pain medication free labor and delivery because of her support, advocacy and guidance. I will be forever grateful for Sue’s partnership and profession.


Randi Lee



Posted 1/7/2018