Sue is amazing!! As a first time mom who, other than my husband, had no family in the state, it was incredibly reassuring and helpful to have Sue as our doula and support person during our pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. I was hospitalized at 33 weeks for 5 days and during that stay I was prepped a few different times for birth which was scary because it was obviously not in our plan. Sue was with us and gave us emotional support that helped during that very scary time. Fortunately we were able to continue the pregnancy to full term with no other complications. When it came to our actual birthing time, we were in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Thankfully our birth center allowed doulas to attend birth in person, and she was able to be with us while we were at the birth center. She offered physical and emotional support during my very difficult labor. I trusted her expertise and felt safe with her in the room, even when the things that were going on in my labor were not going as desired or planned. She was never overbearing or ever tried to control any situations - she was simply present and offered her warmth. We ended up transferring to the hospital where she unfortunately could not be with us but she still checked in often and we knew she was there for us the whole time. I wasn't expecting much after our birth, but Sue continued to reach out and offer advice and help to us as we navigated our new life as parents. My husband and I feel so blessed and lucky that she has become an important part of our pregnancy, birth, and early parenting story and we can't thank her enough for everything she has done for us. I'll also note that my husband was a bit skeptical to hire a doula at first, and after our hospital stay at 33 weeks he was 100% sold. He realized what an important role doulas play and for us specifically, how amazing Sue was for us. If we decide to have any more children, we will definitely hire Sue again!




Sue was great to work with! She was incredibly responsive to text messages and phone calls in the weeks leading up to my baby's birth, when I was in labor, and my first few weeks postpartum.

She was a positive support and coach during my birth. She provided great support for my husband as well and made sure he was included and involved in the birth.

We would recommend Sue to other expecting parents!





We are so thankful to have found Sue as our doula! She was an incredibly helpful resource for us before, during, and after the delivery of our first child. We felt comfortable with her immediately during our initial interview, as it was easy to see her compassion for others and expertise in the birthing process. She was extremely fast to respond to all of our (sometimes silly) questions though text, email, and phone calls. She was just as reassuring and supportive when meeting in person, too! Her flexibility in scheduling meetings (including nights and weekends) was very much appreciated. During labor, Sue was great about staying in constant contact with us. Although our delivery didn't go as we had planned, Sue swooped in to support momma, baby, and daddy right away! We wouldn't hesitate to recommended Sue to anyone looking for a caring and knowledgeable advocate in the birthing process!

Tiff and George


Being first time parents, we quickly agreed that adding a doula to our care team would help calm any anxieties we had about labor, and help us navigate all the information we were receiving from classes and online resources. We interviewed several doulas to find the right fit, and enthusiastically selected Sue. Her decades of experience are unmatched in the Twin Cities and really stood out, and we were comforted knowing she had already seen it all - we felt confident there was nothing she couldn't handle. Throughout the process of developing our birth plan, Sue was a gentle guide. She didn't push anything on us, just provided the information, answered questions based on her experience, and helped us arrive at our own conclusions. During early labor, she was there in the middle of the night answering texts to guide my husband and I on when to go into the hospital. During pushing, she was the captain of the room and by my side giving me courage and support (while at the same time not limiting the role of my husband). After, she took the most amazing candid photos of our new family and surprised me with the best peanut butter toast of my life knowing I would be starving (it's the little things, really). We are so thankful for Sue!


Posted 12/18/2019