While my husband and me both knew from the beginning that we wanted doula support during the birth, we largely underestimated how critical and appreciated Sue's support would be, both for the birth and post-birth experience. From the intial meeting until the last postpartum visit, Sue genuinely and holistically cared for our family-- she affirmed our desires, listened to our fears, and brought wisdom, experience, and compassion to each conversation and visit. While the birth was radically different than what we had envisioned, ultimately ending with a c-section, Sue's presence throughout each chapter of labor, delivery, and recovery was incredibly calming; her naturally intuitive self gently guided both myself and my husband through the process, alleviating fears, doubts, and concerns when labor took a few twists and turns. While much of the c-section and hours after were a blur, I distinctly (and always will) remember Sue's presence and the comfort that it brought to our family. I was so pleasantly surprised that the same comfort and care extended far beyond the birth-- she was so attentive and checked on us almost daily. Even while she was on vacation the week after our birth, she provided the kindest ongoing support and encouragement as I navigated breastfeeding challenges and the adjustment to motherhood. Her post-partum visits felt like an old (and very wise) friend stopping by to love on our babe and check on us. We will forever credit our incredibly positive birth experience to the amazing team we were surrounded by, especially including Sue.


Sarah Bendtsen


Posted 8/9/2018

This was our 3rd birth but our first birth using a doula. Sue was leader of a "mommy and me" class I took with my 2nd child so when we got pregnant, she was one of the first people I thought of. We interviewed 3 women and Sue was the best fit for us! Sue was so supportive during my pregnancy to both me and my husband, and when I started contracting every week starting at 35 weeks, she checked in regularly. The meetings beforehand were really helpful, especially when she brought her "tool kit". She was so organized, I didn't have to worry about forgetting anything because she was so prepared.

I went into labor in the middle of the night and Sue met us at the hospital right away. She was my advocate to the nurses while her and my husband helped me through my contactions ( I had a natural birth this time). She knew the things I needed without me saying and was amazing for my husband- he said he was so grateful she was there. She knew what hands-on techniques to use and what kind of verbal support I needed.

After the birth, she took pictures and stayed to make sure we had something to eat and helped me with nursing. She came to our house twice to check in, but also checked in regularly when she knew the "baby blues" and hormones would peak... having the post support was realy nice too and knowing that at any point I could reach out to her was amazing.

Bottom line, we had an wonderful experience. I love how supportive, easy going, knowledgable and humorus Sue is and highly recommend her!


Lauren Goldfarb


Posted 8/8/2018

We cannot begin to thank Sue enough for being part of our baby’s delivery. Sue exudes a calm and nurturing energy that we knew we wanted in the delivery room. The birth of our son went nothing like we had planned, but Sue was with us every step of the way to educate and encourage us. My husband was over the moon to have had her there for all 17 hours of my labor and wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again for our next birth. It was beyond helpful to have meetings before our delivery as well as check-ins after. Thank you, Sue, for your time, patience and kind heart. We are so happy you were there to welcome our son into the world.


Tara Jackson


Posted 6/18/2018


We loved having Sue as our doula! She made us feel very comfortable and shared a lot of information with us. Sue also let us schedule an extra appointment when we found out our baby was breech during which she showed us flipping techniques that ended up working and our baby turned spontaneously!


Courtney Thompson


Posted 5/18/2018