Testimonials for Sue Chargo, CD, ICCE (ICEA)

We were so grateful to have Sue as part of our pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. When we hired her I was hoping to have a minimally medicated vaginal birth. As my pregnancy progressed various complications with my heath added to my stress and worry about birthing the way I envisioned. Sue was wonderful at steadying my nerves about giving birth for the first time. I knew that she would be there to support myself and my husband. As a result of my complications I had to be induced at 37 weeks. The induction process took days and Sue was checking in frequently so that she could arrive when active labor began. When she did arrive her presence gave my husband and I great comfort. We had been waiting so long for the induction to get things going and seeing Sue meant that we were getting closer to meeting our baby! Sue had not been with me for long and my baby's heart rate was starting to have trouble because of my pregnancy complications. There was a time when there was a lot of commotion in the room and Sue was there supporting us emotionally and physically. The final outcome, to ensure my baby's safety, was a C-section. Having Sue in post op with us was amazing. She integrates into your life and feels like family. We were so happy to share the experience with her and so grateful for her support. She visited us twice postpartum. She was always so excited to see our baby and hear about how we were doing. She provided us with a beautiful narrative of my birth story which contained many of the little details I forgot such as my nurses name and the times at which things happened. It was so special to have those details. It gave us peace of mind to know that if we needed her we could have hired her for postpartum doula support. We are so thankful for Sue. Doula support is so important. The unknown's of birth can be scary. Having Sue at your side will provide your family with calm support so that you may enjoy your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.



Kathryn Andreachi


Posted 11/18/2018

Sue is very easy to connect with,makes you feel confident and comfortable, and is very knowledgeable. I had a very successful and empowering birth experience and Sue played a tremendous role in that.

Pre-natal: Sue was able to help my husband and I narrow down what we wanted from our birth experience. She presented us with the multitude of options and then asked questions that helped us determine what we wanted. She was very open-minded about possible preferences. She did not lean one way or another but instead presented us with the research and facts and let us decide. I appreciated her knowledge of both traditional western medicine as well as more holistic methods.

Birth Experience: Having Sue at the hospital with me was the best thing about my birth. I felt so comforted to have a familiar face there other than my husband. While the nurses were in and out checking on all of their patients, Sue was by my side helping me through my contractions and answering all of my questions.  She helped me advocate for my needs where I otherwise might not have thought to ask. She aided me in pushing and helped my husband and I connect right away with our son. She offered immediate breastfeeding support that set us up for success.

Post-Partum: After we delivered, Sue checked in on us almost every day. The day my milk came in was a difficult transition for us and Sue came to our home for immediate support. She stayed until our son was happily eating and I felt confident feeding him. This post-partum visit was extremely helpful. She visited a second time post-partum and helped me figure out my breast pump and answered all of my questions about trying out a bottle. She was always available via text or phone to answer my questions quickly and kindly.

I whole-heartedly recommend Sue Chargo as a doula and think your experience will be greatly enhanced with her at your side.



Vanessa Krebsbach


Posted 10/20/2018

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sue and the services she provided to my husband and I during our pregnancy, labor and delivery process, and postpartum care. From the first time we met with Sue, we knew she would be a perfect match for us…and we were right! She was a kind and gentle demeanor about her and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to childbirth and pre/postnatal care. Sue helped guide us in setting up our birth preferences and really eased our minds about the entire birthing experience. She always made herself available to us if we had questions and was prompt in answering emails and texts. During those first few days at home when we were so busy adjusting to life as new parents, she continued to check in and offer support and guidance. Her gentle and calm approach during the labor and delivery helped my husband and I stay relaxed. I truly believe that Sue’s knowledge and guidance helped ease my discomfort and pushed my labor along, more than I could have done on my own. She provided insight and suggestions to my husband throughout the laboring process so he was able to be involved and helpful to me. I can’t speak highly enough of Sue and our experience with her. As our prenatal experience has come to an end, it’s sad to think we will not continue to be in contact with Sue. However, I know she is always available to answer any questions we have and I look forward to connecting with her if and when we decide to have another baby!


Laura Nierenhausen


Posted 9/12/2018

Sue was a phenomenal resource and help during our first weeks home with our daughter. She is kind, knowledgable, and professional. She helped both of us feel comfortable with our baby, and provided support when needed. After our time with Sue, she reached out several times to check in on us and our baby. We are so glad we decided to work with her!


Mollie Patrice


Posted 9/3/2018