Sue was an amazing partner throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! Sue provides a knowledgeable, calming, reassuring voice. I felt comfortable asking any questions that came up, and her responses were always rooted in research she has done. She was also always willing to send articles and resources to ensure credibility. Sue was always quick to respond to texts and calls.  During the birth, Sue was such a great support to both myself and my husband. She allowed him to be the main support person I needed and guided us through the process. After the birth, Sue reached out and was very helpful with any questions that came up. I can not picture my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience without Sue. She was monumental throughout the process!



We first learned about Sue through my sister-in-law who used her for both of their births.  She raved about their experiences and I knew that I had to meet Sue as we interviewed doulas. After our first meeting  I told my husband I didn't need to interview anyone else!  Sue was so warm and engaging and I knew I wanted her energy with me on delivery day.  Throughout the entire process Sue was always available to answer questions no matter how big or small.  I never felt pressured to make my birth plan anything other than what I wanted, Sue was great at remaining neutral but provided tons of info that helped me make informed decisions.  When I went into labor quickly, Sue arrived within 15 minutes  ready to roll.  I strayed from some of the things that I thought I wanted during labor but Sue rolled with it and helped me find different options.  When I felt nauseous, she had essential oils ready. When my husband ate stinky food, she even had gum for him!  And when I couldn't think straight about what position to labor in, she suggested something that I wouldn't have even known was available!  It was a busy night and the midwives were bouncing between rooms and it made me so grateful to have Sue there alongside the nurses and my husband.  The teamwork we created allowed me to stay focused on my breathing while Sue and others had the other aspects under control.  Sue even managed to take pictures and create a timeline of labor, which was so great to have after the fact.  After our daughter was born, Sue helped me breastfeed and spent some time with us debriefing the day. She even helped us order food! After we arrived home, Sue came to visit and follow up within the first few days.  I am so grateful that we decided to hire Sue for such an important time in our lives.  We loved working with her and if we are lucky enough to have another child, we will 100% hire her again!!


Jessica Fredrickson Knezevich




When my wife first told me she wanted to work with a doula, I had my doubts of the necessity of the addition to our birth plan.


I'm very happy to say that I was dead wrong and having now worked with Sue I can easily say that it was the single best plan we made. Having Sue around to comb out the details and help us stick to our birth plan was crucial and I don't know how I ever could have slept without her help.


Thank you Sue!


Carl Miller


This was our second time using Sue as our doula - we can't recommend her enough!


We first hired Sue in 2016 for our first birth - my husband and I loved her as soon as we met her and were excited to work with her. Though we had wished for a natural birth, we had to schedule a c-section, but thankfully Sue was still able to support us. She attended our external version appointment to attempt to flip our breech baby (which was unsuccessful), and then the OB allowed her to be in the operating room during my surgery. Her calming presence was invaluable.


We knew we wanted to work with her again for our next pregnancy, and when we informed her that we would be having a VBAC at home with a midwife, she was excited for us and ready to help. Her encouragement and excitement helped us stay positive and hopeful for a healing, natural birth.


Almost four years after the birth of our first daughter, our second girl was born at home with the help of our incredible birth team.


When I called Sue to tell her that labor was progressing, she got to me as quickly as possible and jumped right in to help. She was right there encouraging me, holding me, helping me breathe through contractions, and squeezing my hips to help ease the pain.


There's no doubt that she was a big part of me being able to achieve my dream home birth, and I will forever be grateful.


Sue also makes a detailed log of the birth, keeping track of the progression and times, as well as details about the environment and who was present. Having all of that information postpartum is incredible, especially since most of the details fade from your memory quickly.


Sue keeps in contact regularly after birth - she checks in frequently and is always available to answer questions. She's a wonderful wealth of knowledge and experience!


We're so thankful for Sue - she's an incredible doula, and you won't regret having her by your side!


Ashel M