Sue was a fantastic doula that helped us prepare for birth, have a successful and positive birthing experience and answer questions and provide advice post partum. We immediately felt at ease with Sue and really valued how collaborative and supportive she was. In the process of preparing for birth and creating a birth plan, she helped us determine what we wanted in our experience and provided information on the pros and cons of various options. We never felt like she pushed us towards a certain decision, but rather that she provided support and guidance that helped us feel secure and prepared.

During labor, Sue was a fantastic extra set of hands as well as an important advocate for our desires. She was able to help us interface with the hospital staff in a positive and collaborative way. She provided emotional and physical support for labor and delivery and made sure to answer our questions and capture key moments. She also kept a log of everything that happened during the process and prepared a birth timeline for us which was very helpful in reflecting on the event afterwards.

Post labor, she has been an invaluable resource for questions as they arise. She checks in frequently to ensure that we are all doing well and encourages us to ask her any questions or raise any concerns to her. Overall, we really appreciated Sue's support throughout the process and would highly recommend her to others considering a doula.


Monica Schwarm


Posted 8/9/2019

This is our first child and we weren’t  sure what to expect but we were Informed about birth Doula’s through our kinesiologist to help us with the whole process of birth and the immediate time after with breastfeeding and any other questions we would have. We are very glad we found Sue, she helped us prepare for the day, well ahead of time so we were able to go in more prepared with the process and also with what to pack in a hospital bag. I ended up going into labor late at night and gave Sue the call around 2 am when we got to the hospital and she answered right away, we were admitted and we gave her a text to head down around 4 am when things were starting to get active. She arrived shortly after we contacted her and immediately we had that sense of having someone we felt comfortable with to help us. She made sure to keep me hydrated and encouraged my husband to do the same. I ended up laboring in a few positions and ended up having our baby boy at 9:44 am. One great thing about the whole process was that when she arrived at the hospital she handed the nurse and midwife our birth preference sheet and from that moment forward there wasn’t a single question that needed to be answered, all our wants on the sheet had been taken into consideration and we were thankful that Sue had thought of seemingly every question that would need to be answered so there was no last minute things we needed to decide on. After birth she stayed with us and helped with the first feeding and then when it was time she left. She stopped by for a home visit and we chatted for a while with questions we had and she offered support anytime we need it. We will 100 percent use her in the future and would recommend her to anyone looking for some comfort and help in their birthing journey!


Kelsey V.


Posted 8/7/2019


Sue was everything we were looking for in a doula, and more. She was a calm, confident presence before, during, and after the birth of our son. Sue came to the birth prepared with all the supplies I thought I'd need (like honey sticks), and some I didn't think I'd need but ended up very happy to have (like anti-nausea aromatherapy). She was a lifesaver for my husband who was relieved not to be my sole supporter through my all-night labor. She gave helpful suggestions for labor positions to conserve energy and was supportive of all my pain relief choices. She truly cares about her clients and was a real partner in our birth experience.




Posted 6/7/2019

When we found out we were expecting it was very important to me to find a doula to support my husband and I throughout the birthing process. I knew that I wanted to try to have an unmedicated birth and as first time parents we were going into the whole situation blind. We are so thankful that we found Sue, she was so wonderful to work with. She talked to us about what to expect and made us feel comfortable and confident in our choices. Any question you might have, she has the answer! With her wealth of experience and knowledge I know she played a big role in helping my husband to better understand the process and what to expect. Talking about the experience afterwards, neither my husband nor I know what we would have done without her! When we asked Sue to come to the hospital she helped me walk the halls and cope with contractions while my husband was able to squeeze in a nap. Throughout my labor she reminded my husband to eat and take breaks, helped me in and out of the birthing tub, reminded me to drink water, and about a million other things. She could not have been more helpful and she was such a reassuring voice to have by my side during the birthing process. While taking care of the both of us, she still managed to snag some of THE most amazing photos of our daughter being born. We will cherish them forever. After I gave birth Sue was always available for any questions that I had. She is quick to respond and has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to newborns and breastfeeding. I am so thankful for everything that Sue did for our family during such an important time in our lives. We have already decided we will be hiring Sue again with our next pregnancy! We love Sue and will recommend her to any of our expectant friends and family.




Posted 6/4/2019