We were so very fortunate to have Sue as our prenatal and postpartum doula! She provided amazing support, education and organization before, during and after birth! Whatever your plan is Sue will support you 100%! We were very impressed by how wonderful and professional she was with communication not only with my husband and I but with the hospital staff too. My husband and I initially had reservations about birthing at a hospital (we went to Methodist with the midwives) but Sue really put us at ease. She was at my side throughout labor providing positive and calming affirmations. She seemed to just know exactly what we needed! She was prepared with cool towels, snacks, flameless candles, etc to create the peaceful environment we desired. She even helped recite some Hypnobabies scripts when my husband needed a break. Our plan was to try for a vaginal birth with no drugs involved. When labor became very tough for me (during transition & pushing) Sue provided calm guidance to help get me (and my hubby!) through it. She made me feel empowered at a time when I thought I could take no more. I believe that encouragement helped me believe in myself and my body, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. The postpartum service she provided was great too--not only because we are new parents but we are transplants with no family in town. Just as with prenatal services she went above & beyond our expectations. I was able to get a shower in while she watched our little one and we took him out in the stroller for the first time for a walk on a beautiful day. We recommend Sue without reservations as a doula because she is so passionate and driven to help women & their families during such a special and transformative time in their lives.


Cathy L

Posted 6/17/2016

We hired Sue to be our childbirth doula for the birth of our first child born March 28, 2016. Sue helped us through a challenging last few weeks leading up to the delivery, and she was by our side throughout childbirth, and continues to be a support in the postpartum period.


Choosing Sue as our Doula was the best decision that we ever made. Her loving and caring approach combined with her extensive knowledge of the childbirth experience made us feel so comfortable and at ease. We would highly recommend Sue to anyone that is looking for a Doula that will feel and eventually become like family.


Jenny Hague

Posted 6/14/2016

Sue was a great partner throughout the pregnancy and entire labor process. She met with us regularly leading up to the birth to help formulate a complete birth plan we were comfortable with. She was available as a resource for any questions, big or small, leading up to the birth.

It was great to have her upbeat attitude and calming presence during the delivery. She has also followed-up to check in on us after the birth to make sure everything is going well.

We highly recommend her!


Gwen Bot

Posted 5/23/2016

As first time parents and knowing that we didn't have relatives living close to us, hiring Sue as our post-partum doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. We were anticipating that caring for a newborn was going to be challenging and and it was such a relief to have Sue. I was grateful for not only her help with the household tasks like laundry, but also simply holding the baby while I took a shower or slept. She genuinely cared for my well being and that of my son. Sue also gave me great guidance on the care of a newborn that gave me confidence to take care of my baby in the weeks ahead when I was on my own.


Adalia Espinosa

Posted 3/6/2016