As first time parents and knowing that we didn't have relatives living close to us, hiring Sue as our post-partum doula was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. We were anticipating that caring for a newborn was going to be challenging and and it was such a relief to have Sue. I was grateful for not only her help with the household tasks like laundry, but also simply holding the baby while I took a shower or slept. She genuinely cared for my well being and that of my son. Sue also gave me great guidance on the care of a newborn that gave me confidence to take care of my baby in the weeks ahead when I was on my own.


Adalia Espinosa

Posted 3/6/2016

I contacted Sue near the end of my third trimester to be a part of our baby's arrival and also to help us adjust at home with postpartum care. From helping create a birth plan during prenatal visits to hands-on education in giving our baby his first baths after we came home, her helpful guidance on many topics was a valuable form of support to both me and my husband.

Her calm encouragement got us through several hours of labor. After our baby showed signs of distress an unplanned c-section was necessary for his safe delivery and her supportive presence during the surgery prep was very helpful. Due to the circumstances, she wasn't able to be in the OR, but she stayed in contact with us and visited in the hospital after our son was born.

With my husband back at work, I looked forward to her postpartum visits - a friendly face to a tired new mom, Sue was willing to help in so many ways and offer encouragement and reassurance that we were on the right track. She understands what new parents need for support and guidance. Our son was always content after a visit from Sue.

Sue made herself readily available for questions and concerns by email, phone, and text with timely responses and frequent check-ins.

She has a passion for her role and the families she serves. Her caring, non-judgemental approach put us at ease in a new world for us, and I'm thankful she was a part of our birthing and postpartum experience.


Sarah Nguyen

Posted 3/3/2016

I didn't opt for a doula for the birth of my first baby, and after using Sue with my second, my experience was completely different! I was able to have a natural birth with her continued support, encouragement and knowledge. It can't say how much I valued her calming presence overall, but especially during the transition phase. My husband also was so thankful to have her there! We would definitely recommend her and would use her in the future!

Molly Burk

Posted 2/3/2016

Sue was great. She gave us alot of helpful info and tips. She is very knowledgeable and used her skills to help make labor and delivery more comfortable. Sue gave me her one on one attention at the hospital during the delivery and I was so thankful to have her there. She really helped me stay calm and focused. I liked how she took pictures for us and also wrote up the details of the delivery and birth for us to remember. I really liked how she stayed for an hour after the delivery to make sure we got breast feeding established and answered any questions we had. Sue has been a Doula for many years and had alot of experience. I would recommend her to my close friends and family.

Jennifer Kling

Posted 1/15/2016